Ayurveda believes that health is a unique balance between mind, body, and soul. This balance can be maintained with healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. Here are the top 5 Ayurvedic rules that everyone should follow for better health:

1. Wake up in Brahmamuhurta

“ब्राह्मे मुहूर्त उत्तिष्ठेत स्वस्थो रक्षार्थमायुष: |”

As per Ayurveda, to secure a healthy life one should wake up early in the Brahmamuhurta.

Brahma implies “lord of creation” and muhurta implies “time”. This means that it is the time of Brahma, Lord of creation. It is time almost two hours prior to the sunrise. It changes each day and season and it is different from place to place depending upon the sunrise. Waking up in brahmamuhurta is very important as it is the time to get the purest form of oxygen. This time should be spent in peaceful meditation and yoga. Before dealing with the world renew yourself by spending some time to reconnect your mind, soul, and body.

2. Eat what suits you better

Ayurveda look-over the diet as the healer. If a healthy and suitable diet is taken in an appropriate manner then it works towards the health of the body and on the other hand, unhealthy diet turns the body into a mess. The potential of healthy food can only be seen when it is accustomed in proper combinations and in compliance with the mind-body type of an individual. According to Ayurveda, each person is born with a unique mind-body type. Our body responds to every season, diet, lifestyle, and stress on the basis of our mind-body type. Following diet and lifestyle with a deep understanding of mind-body type helps to avoid countless diseases. This is the reason Ayurveda recommends to eat what suits you better as per  your body type.

Know Your Body Type (Prakriti)


3. Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda walk hand in hand. They both complete each other. It is said as – “मन: प्रश्मानोपायो योग इत्यभिदियते|” This means that Yoga is a masterful way to calm your mind. Adopt this beautiful form of exercise to rejuvenate your mind and strengthen your inner organs every day.

4. Meditation

It is a well-known fact that to become creative and more productive in your day to day life your mind has to clear and calm. The only path to achieve clarity and calmness is meditation. Come let’s meditate every day to give our life a new start.

5. Dinner before Sunset

As per Ayurveda, night meal should be taken before or around the sunset. The metabolism of the body is not the same in the night time as in the daytime. It becomes hard to digest a certain type of foods at night when the body is prepared to shut down. Eating dinner around sunset helps to lose weight & maintains good energy levels for the next day. On the other hand, the practice of late-night dinner slows down the metabolism and lead to various diseases.

Follow these top 5 Ayurvedic tips to in your life and stay healthy.

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