Ayurveda is an established ancient science with the knowledge of life and how to maintain it. Our life holds three main stages – childhood, adulthood, and old age. Ayurveda has the treasures of efficient diet, lifestyle and herbal preparations for each stage of the life. To gain the surplus value of Ayurveda’s wisdom one has to definitely follow favorable diet and lifestyle regimens. According to Ayurveda, each person is born with the unique mind-body type. Our body responds to every season, diet, lifestyle, and stress on the basis of our mind-body type. Following diet and lifestyle with a deep understanding of mind-body type helps to avoid countless diseases.

Why Ayurvedic Diet?

Ayurveda look-over the diet as the healer. If the healthy diet is taken in an appropriate manner then it works towards the health of body and on the other hand, unhealthy diet turns the body into a mess. So, it all depends on you whether you want to heal or mess your body. The potential of healthy food can only be seen when it is accustomed in proper combinations and in compliance with the mind-body type of an individual. However, diet can not cure the disease of its root but undoubtedly it can prevent countless diseases. The more we abandon fresh homemade cooked food, the more we deteriorate physically and mentally.

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Why Ayurvedic Lifestyle?

The lifestyle is a way of how someone is living. It means starting from the morning to ending the day, how a person is eating, waking, and behaving, all come under the umbrella of lifestyle. Ayurveda offers an amazing way of spending life with dynamic lifestyle habits. The ones who are stuck with their fast-paced life does not have plentiful time to take care of their health. If they continue to abuse their body’s natural needs then it could land to the imbalance of the body which sooner or later will land up to serious ailments. To come out of this trap, Ayurveda has presented effortless day-to-day regimens, night regimens, and seasonal regimens.

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Understand, Learn and Adopt the way of Ayurvedic Living

Ayurveda believes that health is a unique balance between mind, body, and soul. This balance can be maintained with healthy dietary and lifestyle habits. Ayurvigyanam is an attempt to bring the knowledge of Ayurveda to the masses and help them to enrich their lives with ways of Ayurvedic Living.

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