Have you ever faced embarrassment due to chapped lips? Ahh! I know how it feels. It’s every girl’s nightmare. Going for a date or having a big event and having chapped lips is something that you do not want to face anytime. If you are the one who is having a tendency of getting chapped lips frequently do not worry I have wonderful remedies and tips for you. These Ayurvedic solutions will not only give you temporary relief but help you prevent chapped lips for a lifetime. 

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

Lips are one of the sensitive parts of the face which is made of delicate skin. They do not have oil glands to keep them hydrated so they are more susceptible to dryness than other parts. If not taken care of properly, they get badly affected by external factors like cold and dry weather, excessive exposure to sun, dust, and pollution.

Chapped lips can occur when you do not drink sufficient amounts of water, exposure to extreme cold and dry air, eating more dry (popcorn) or cold food (frozen) items, and excessive licking.

Ayurveda has the best remedies to heal and even prevent chapped lips. As per Ayurveda, chapped lips is a result of Vata (energy) aggravation which is commonly seen during the winter season due to cold and dry environment. This can be easily treated by pacifying aggravated Vata with suitable home remedies, diet, and lifestyle tips.

This is the uniqueness of Ayurveda that it cures the root cause of any ailment which makes it easy to understand and cure the condition.

Home Remedies for Chapped lips:

1. Scrubbing with honey & sugar:

Scrubbing your lips is essential to remove dead skin and get soft and smooth lips. You can scrub your lips gently with a mixture of honey and sugar (one teaspoon each) and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash it off with regular water. After this, you can moisturize your lips with ghee (clarified butter) or balm.

2. Massage with ghee:

Apply ghee gently over the lips every 2 to 3 hours for three days. It will give you relief from chapped lips and leave you with soft lips. If you are not at home and cannot carry ghee with you, use a lip balm with beeswax and shea butter base.

3. Steam with boiling milk:

If your lips are severely dry and peeling badly then you can give steam along with the above-given measures. It is better to give steam with boiling milk which will help to moisten the lips instantly. You can simply keep your face above boiling milk for 5 minutes. Repeat it twice a day until you see good results.


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Diet and lifestyle recommendations for chapped lips:

Follow the below-given tips:

  • Drink warm water only.
  • Keep yourself adequately hydrated.
  • Eat two to three tablespoons of ghee with each meal.
  • Drink milk every night (only if available from the local farm).
  • Prefer food items like sweet raisins added porridge, milk, banana, dates, figs, black gram, etc.

Avoid the below-mentioned:

  • Avoid eating raw food.
  • Do not take stress all the time.
  • Avoid all kinds of spicy food items.
  • Do not wake till late at night (sleep around 10 pm).
  • Avoid cucumber, cabbage, alcohol, peanut, walnut, cashews, etc. for a minimum of seven days.

Following these diet and lifestyle tips will help you balance your Vata and as a result, you will get rid of chapped lips. If you are prone to chapped lips, you can try following these tips as soon as winter arrives, it will help you prevent chapped lips.