Shatavari is one among the well-known herb that is useful for the female reproductive system. It is very effective to maintain the health of the female reproductive system. Shatavari is considered as rejuvenating herb for females similarly as Ashwagandha is for males. It not only rejuvenates but also increases strength and immunity. Shatavari is heavy in quality and cool in potency. This is the reason it is suitable for Pitta and Vata dosha but may increase Kapha dosha.

Shatavari Properties
  • Taste (Rasa) – Sweet and bitter
  • Quality (Guna) – Heavy and oily
  • Post digestion effect (Vipaka) – Sweet
  • Potency (Virya)  – Cold

Shatavari Benefits for females

  • Female infertility
  • Boosts ovulation
  • Relieves menstrual problems
  • Increases milk in lactating mother
  • Prepares the female body for pregnancy


Bad diet and lifestyle habits are one of the common causes behind infertility. Recently many cases of polycystic ovary syndrome are observed that is one of the causes behind infertility. In such cases, regular consumption of Shatavari may help. But solely use of Shatavari will not help it will require few Panchakarma sessions along with the change in diet and lifestyle habits.

Ovulation & Conception

Ovulation is a part of the menstrual cycle that naturally happens every month in females. For the purpose of fertilization, each month ovary releases an ovum (reproductive cell) sending to the fallopian tube. If ovulation regularly occurs every month then it denotes that the female reproductive system is healthy. If a woman is not having regular ovulation it may lead to irregular periods. This can later become cause behind infertility. There can be various reasons behind improper ovulation like stress, bad dietary habits, improper lifestyle, and genetic causes. Regular consumption of this herb balances the estrogen levels and regulates the healthy ovulation and conception.

Menstrual problems

Some women suffer from menstrual disorders like menstrual cramps, irregular bleeding, irritation during menstruation, and other PMS symptoms. Shatavari contains the substances that naturally helps to fight the menstrual cramps and other menstrual problems. 

Breast Milk

Shatavari is also termed as “Stanya janana” in Ayurveda that means it helps to increase the breast milk. The woman who does not produce enough milk can take Shatavari for the better production of milk under the proper guidelines of an Ayurvedic consultant.


The dose of Shatavari depends upon the requirement of an individual.


Avoid the intake of Shatavari in Kapha related problems like chest congestion, cold, and overweight.

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